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As energy rates continue to climb and each summer feels hotter than the last, homeowners in Florida search for ways to conserve and curb costs. Of the many ways to cut energy usage in the home and save on your monthly utility bills, including investing in regular HVAC maintenance, upgrading to a programmable thermostat is the most popular today. Another way homeowners are starting to save on their energy costs is by also upgrading to a zoned control HVAC system, which Aircom specializes in installing and maintaining.

What is an AC Zone Control System?

A zoned control HVAC system divides a home or building into two or more zones. Each zone should include rooms that have similar heating and cooling needs. Once you install a zoned control system in your home or building, you gain the ability to control the temperature in each zone. For example, if you want your kitchen cooler than your living room, and they’re located in separate heating and cooling zones, you can adjust the temperature to accommodate that need.

At Aircom, our team of comfort specialists has been trained to properly install zoned control systems and maintain them for your benefit.

Benefits of Installing a Zoned Control HVAC System

  • Lower energy bills – up to 30 percent savings on your heating and cooling costs
  • Customized comfort for every room in your home or building
  • Modern technological convenience that enhances your HVAC system and lifestyle

Aircom Specializes in Zoning Control and Thermostats

Although installing a zoned control HVAC system is straightforward, Aircom doesn’t recommend trying it yourself unless you’ve been properly trained. Whether a single-zoned split system or a multi-zoned system, our certified service technicians have the training and experience needed to ensure your system works as efficiently as possible.

When zoning an existing HVAC system, we’ll add these parts to it:

  • Zone control panel, which controls the entire system
  • Zone dampers, which are installed in the ductwork and control air flow
  • Bypass damper, which is sometimes installed to relieve air pressure
  • Thermostat, which reads the temperature in each zone in the home

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a zoned control system to take advantage of its numerous benefits, or if you need help installing a programmable AC thermostat in Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, and surrounding cities, contact Aircom today at (727) 213-8190. We look forward to helping you optimize your HVAC system for comfort, cost savings and safety.

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