Securing your home’s thermal envelope in Clearwater, Florida, is a key step in sealing areas against the area’s seasonal temperatures. The purpose of a thermal envelope is to prevent interior and exterior air from freely entering and exiting the home. A home with a thermal envelope achieves better energy efficiency. Here’s why you need to seal your home’s thermal envelope:

Areas that Affect a Thermal Envelope’s Efficiency

Think of a thermal envelope as a barrier. Its job is to manage airflow in and out of your home. Specific areas of the home that allow air to leak in or seep out are part of the thermal envelope. This includes the doors, windows, flooring, walls, attic and insulation. Any space, gap, or hole that allows entry and exit of air degrades the thermal envelope’s efficiency. Therefore, it’s important that you monitor these areas and repair them immediately if needed.

The Effects of an Unsealed Thermal Envelope

When any of the areas responsible for air entry/exit are in disrepair, it compromises the containment or management of the air in the home. This results in poor air quality and uncomfortable temperature levels in certain rooms.

A home with a thermal envelope that isn’t up to par has the same effect as an HVAC system that you don’t maintain. You should expect an increase in your monthly utility bill because your home is not energy efficient.

A costly effect of not having a properly sealed thermal envelope is the extra strain it exerts on the HVAC system. Whether it’s a winter blast of cold air or a summer infusion of ultra-hot breezes, the HVAC system will work overtime to adjust the temperature. This means it’ll run longer to keep up. As a result, it’ll reduce its longevity and lead to unnecessary repairs.

Steps to Take to Seal Your Thermal Envelope

Don’t wait to make the investment in getting your home energy efficient with professional services that’ll seal the deal with better air quality. For more information about creating an efficient thermal envelope for your home, contact Aircom at 727-786-0018. Our HVAC professionals are standing by to help you save energy and money through the year.

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