Having a well-maintained heater during the cooler winters in Clearwater, Florida, is vital for keeping your family comfortable. If a cold snap suddenly hits, you don’t want your heater to malfunction when you need it the most. Let’s look at some reasons it’s important to schedule heater maintenance before the winter comes.

Safety Issues

If you have a heater that runs on oil or natural gas, there’s a potential for fire hazards due to the volatile nature of the fuel. It’s extremely important to have our service technicians maintain your heater to detect any signs of combustion issues. We’ll check the fuel lines, the thermocouple, and the gas pressure to ensure the correct amount of fuel is reaching the burners. We’ll also test that the pilot and ignition systems are firing correctly and calibrate the burners to prevent insufficient combustion.

When fuels don’t combust properly, carbon monoxide becomes a by-product. This odorless, colorless gas can pose a serious health threat to you and your family. Preventive maintenance can help to eliminate any potential sources of carbon monoxide leaks. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your heater is functioning properly and your family is safe.

Save Money

Heating bills during the winter account for a substantial portion of your utility bills. With regular maintenance, your heater’s performance will increase. As a result, you’ll notice a reduction on your energy bills. In addition, with regular maintenance, you can help to extend the lifespan of your system and protect your investment. By doing so, you’ll also avoid high repair costs or expensive premature replacements.

In order to keep the warranty on your heater valid, it must be serviced and maintained by a licensed HVAC company. By having your heater maintained by Aircom, you won’t be voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Your heater’s replacement parts will be authorized by the manufacturer.

Do you want to stay warm and safe through the cooler winter months? To schedule an appointment for your annual heater maintenance, call Aircom today at 727-786-0018.

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