While Safety Harbor, Florida, is known for its hot summers, the winters can feel chilly. Learning the signs of furnace trouble can help you detect issues early, saving you from discomfort and preventing major breakdowns. Read on to learn if you need a furnace repair now.

Excess Dust

Part of your filter’s job is to clean the air. If you’re beginning to notice a build-up of dust on your vents or a burning smell accompanied by dusty air, your furnace may no longer be cleaning your air. A quick fix may be to change out filters. But if this continues, contact a service technician.

Strange Noises

Strange noises like clunking, scraping or banging are a sure sign that something is wrong with the furnace. They will happen when your furnace is running, and they aren’t going away on their own.

While some furnace issues are quick fixes, strange noises are an indication that something is seriously awry. To avoid disrupting your busy schedule with a major furnace repair and potentially living without heat, call a service technician as soon as you hear the strange noises.

Higher Bills

If your furnace is working twice as hard because of broken parts, your utility bill will skyrocket thanks to the extra energy draw. If you have an energy-efficient furnace installed, you’re used to low bills and minimal maintenance. A higher utility bill may come as a shock. While you may not experience any other signs of issues, a higher bill a definite sign something has gone wrong.

Furnace issues during Safety Harbor’s crisp winter months are inconvenient. Don’t wait longer to schedule a visit from a service technician to avoid the issues getting worse. Call Aircom at 727-786-0018 today to set up an appointment to take care of your furnace issues and enjoy a warm home again in no time.

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