If you want cool comfort in your Safety Harbor home, maintenance is mandatory. For most of the year, your air conditioner is a workhorse, and it doesn’t get vacation time. If you want to keep it on the job, don’t deprive it of annual service. Here’s how your AC will reward you for some tuneup TLC:

It Will Keep Your Home Healthy

After a year of dedicated service, a typical Florida air conditioner will have a thick coating of dust and grime. Every time it cycles on, all that accumulated grit pours into your living space and contaminates your indoor air. During air conditioner service, your service technician will clean the unit from top to bottom. When it’s spic and span, you’ll be breathing easier and living healthier.

It Will Live Longer

Dirty air conditioners have to work harder than clean ones. All the stress and strain of working while covered with grime can wear it out and shorten its lifespan. A well-maintained AC can easily last for 16 years. A poorly-maintained unit in Western Florida could depart this world before age five. If you want your unit to be around for awhile, and you want to avoid the expense and hassle of regular air conditioner replacement, don’t skip tuneups.

It Will Save You Money

After your AC is rid of 12 months worth of accumulated gunk, it will feel better. To demonstrate, it will kick up its performance quotient. Without all that grit to slow it down, it can fulfill your cooling needs with half as much effort, and that means lower utility bills. It will also perform optimally, so you’ll enjoy greater indoor comfort.

Whether you prefer a worry-free service plan or would rather schedule tuneups yourself is unimportant. Just be sure to treat your Safety Harbor air conditioner nicely. To learn more about the wonderfulness of HVAC maintenance, visit Aircom or call 727-786-0018.

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