Are you hearing strange noises in your Safety Harbor, Florida, home? The culprit could be your HVAC system. If you hear any of these HVAC noises, it’s best to contact an HVAC repair specialist for immediate attention. Otherwise, you risk further damage and higher repair costs.


If you hear any metallic clanking or banging, there’s a good chance that a part in your system has come loose. A likely problem is a blower wheel coming loose from the motor shaft. Have the part replaced immediately to make sure that it doesn’t damage any other components.


Squealing and whining noises can be signs that shaft bearings need lubricating or that they’re loose. It could also indicate a slipped or frayed blower belt. In these situations, they’ll need maintenance or replacement. It could also be a blower motor that needs replacing.


Loud humming coming from your HVAC system could be due to a noisy transformer. While all transformers will hum to some degree, it should be fairly quiet. If the humming isn’t your transformer, it could also be a bad capacitor or a fan that needs replacing.


If you hear rattling throughout the home, there’s a good chance that some of your ductwork has come loose. First, check for loose screws around the vents or returns. If the noise continues, you’ll need to call a service technician to seal your ducts or repair areas where it has come loose.

Motor Noise

An HVAC motor will make noise when it runs. But if you notice that the noise has become louder, it could signal a problem with the bearings. If bearings wear out, they should be replaced immediately. As a result, you’ll prevent further damage to the motor that can result in a costly repair.

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