A good HVAC system is more than the sum of its parts. Every single component is selected to perform a specific task at a specific load, and your home’s ducts are no different. Ducts that are too large will reduce airflow velocity, and at best, some rooms might not receive proper heating and cooling. Make the ducts too small however, and the system will struggle to push enough air through, which will make it work significantly harder during periods of extreme heat or cold.

Balanced systems will both keep you more comfortable and save you money, but they will also provide a number of health benefits to you and your family. Allergy sufferers in particular often benefit from updating their air conditioning and heating systems to promote better air circulation.

Allergen Reduction

Forced air systems come with particle filters to trap dust, biological particulate, and other allergens as they pass through the air handler. The more air that passes through the filter, the more dust it traps. If you suffer from respiratory allergies, you’ve probably found that you can alleviate your symptoms when pollen levels are high simply by switching on the AC.

Good air circulation keeps air moving at a quick pace, which helps prevent particulates from settling onto your floor and furniture. Those particulates will eventually end up trapped in your system’s HEPA filter. Additionally, your system’s UV filter will kill any live biological particulate, viruses, and bacteria that manage to pass through the particle filter.

Best Sleep of Your Life

Equally important to your health is the quality of sleep you experience. Keeping the air slightly cooler at night can help you fall and stay asleep, and without a stuffy nose and coughing produced by allergies, you’ll sleep more soundly, which will produce a wide range of positive effects on your health.

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